Growing Food Businesses: Opportunities Under Montana’s Food Policy Modernization Law…

Part II!

AERO is thrilled to announce that, after a highly successful workshop series in 2016, we are back with SIX new workshops in 2018.

We will be coming to 6 locations in Montana to address your questions, ideas, business plans, and opportunities for growth under Montana’s Food Policy Modernization law. These workshops will be taught and facilitated by AERO staff, Lake County Community Development Corporation’s Jan Tusick, and representatives from the Department of Public Health and Human Service’s Food Consumer Safety Section.

Growing Food Businesses 2018 Flyer

Workshop Materials and Resources

Havre, January 10

Glasgow, January 11

Helena, January 23

Joliet, February 6

Miles City, February 7

Hamilton, March 1 

*Please note, these workshops do not include information about meat, dairy, or eggs

We are so grateful to all who attended, supported, facilitated, and promoted the 2016 workshops, and for the great energy and resources they brought together!

Please check out this compilation of interviews AERO staff performed as a follow up. Growing Food Businesses Article Compilation