Jenn 2

~ Jenn Battles ~ Executive Director

With a lifelong love for digging in the soil and over a dozen years of experience in non-profit management, Jenn has found a fitting home for her passion and skills with AERO. She has an Environmental Science degree, as well as a Master’s in Social Science, and has worked side by side with service providers, volunteers, business owners, veterans, and marginalized groups to strengthen communities, build relationships, and improve lives. She has extensive fundraising experience and an inexplicable fondness for organizational and planning documents, a trait she has exercised in her work as an event planner, environmental educator, farmer market manager, veteran advocate, project manager, and Executive Director. Jenn has traveled much of the United States and abroad, but has her roots under the Montana sky. She drinks tea, reads voraciously, and has been known to talk to her garden plants. Email Jenn at [email protected]

Lindsay Ganong, Co-Executive Director: Lindsay grew up riding the tractor and helping grandpa feed steers in West-Central Wisconsin. She studied Nutrition in college and worked for an on-campus community supported agriculture (CSA) where she fell in love with growing food for students and her rural Minnesota community. In 2012, Lindsay moved to Montana and traveled the state to complete her training as a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). Montana’s beauty captivated her. She earned a Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems at MSU-Bozeman. In spare time, Lindsay loves to teach dietetic students to leverage food and nutrition expertise to build place-based food systems to improve health from soil to gut. Lindsay has served as a leader for school food service and nutrition education program for limited resource Montanans. She loves cooking & preserving regional and wild foods, chocolate making, yoga, archery, and hiking, skiing, and mountain biking with her pooch, Fawn. Email Lindsay at [email protected] 

~ Kate McLean ~ Administrative Assistant

~ Kate McLean ~ Office Manager & Member Services Coordinator

Kate has a passion for food and reading. She studied Art at the University of Montana and traveled abroad to try her hand at teaching, but found she was much more interested in exploring the farmers markets. After that Kate spent several years exploring local agriculture in Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Maryland. Her accomplishments include baking for a local CSA, selling locally made goat cheese at the farmers market, baking for a farm-to-table restaurant, and managing a small farm-to-table inn and restaurant in Friendsville, Maryland. Now that she and her husband are back in Montana they have their own booth at the farmers’ market and run a bread CSA. Email Kate at [email protected]


~Brian Moody (and Ruby)~ Outreach Coordinator and Grant Writer

Brian grew up in Wyoming.  He studied sociology and Spanish at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon.  Following short stints in Colorado and Montana, Brian completed his master’s degree in Sustainable Communities at Northern Arizona University in 2013.  He stayed in Flagstaff for several more years digging in the dirt and teaching young people how to do the same.  In July of 2018 he moved to Helena with his wife, daughter, and two dogs.  He’s excited to spend as much time outside as possible getting to know Montana and its people.  Email Brian at [email protected]