ABC acres

364 McCarthy Loop, Hamilton Montana 59840

ABC acres is a Permaculture Farmstead in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana – as our guest, join us in the adventures of growing and raising healthier food choices while regenerating the world around us.

Family owned/operated and established in the fall of 2012, ABC acres focuses on sustainable food production, healthy living systems, and regenerative ecological design. Our cattle, chickens, goats, turkeys, and pigs are out on open pasture, eating, resting, and living the way nature intended. Much like our livestock family, our vegetables, herbs, fruits, and nuts are grown with the same approach. It’s a mixture of annuals and perennials intertwined with pollinator species, companion plantings, and multi-structured food forests. It’s nature’s way‚ & .a way of reducing disease, increasing harvest, and ensuring diversity for an overall healthy farm. In fact, doing things that mirror natural ecosystems is the focus of our operations.

ABC acres presently offers two newly-built, and well-appointed homes for Farm Stays and Vacation Rental – the Guest House and the Gate House.

The Guest House and the Gate House were constructed with health and wellness in mind for the resident – built with no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) both inside and out, non-toxic spray foam insulation, HEPA filtration for high quality interior air all season long, and ‚ÄòAlive Water’ systems to reinvigorate and re-energize water at all points of use‚ & .these speaking to the underlying theme of healthy environments which pervade throughout the farmstead.

In addition to two vacation rental homes on the property, ABC acres offers farm tours, livestock feedings/interaction, Bitterroot River access, workshops, and other on-farm activities. We have an on-site farm shop, presence at the local farmers market, as well an e-commerce storefront coming online selling our products coast to coast – grass fed/finished Highland beef, jerky/sausages, fresh eggs/vegetables, jams/jellies/preserves, a variety of health/wellness goods, jewelry, books, toys and more.

As a guest of the farm, and from the comfort of your home or whilst strolling about the property, you may witness osprey fishing for trout in the waterway, farm staff running pasture irrigation, elk & deer grazing the pastures at dusk, any number of processes that go into the design and earthwork of a fully-functioning Permaculture system, and much much more. It is these on-farm experiences that give staying at ABC acres its uniqueness and charm.

As you settle into your stay, be sure to take in all the sights, sounds, and activities that ABC acres has to offer. Self-guided walking maps will direct you around the property‚ & take time to read the informational kiosks strategically positioned throughout, enjoy a morning coffee or afternoon rest alongside the Crater Garden recreation & picnic area, spend some time photographing the various livestock, watch the honey bees buzzing amongst the diverse plant selection or, better yet, grab a fishing pole and stroll down to the Bitterroot River to try your hand at hooking dinner! As a guest of the farm, many complementary activities await during your stay‚ & it’s just a matter of how you might wish to spend your time.

Conveniently located just a few miles South of Hamilton, a short walk to the Bitterroot River, and bordered by picturesque farms and public lands, ABC acres provides an idyllic combination of wide-open spaces, wildlife, and outdoor adventure, while also remaining just minutes from the Valley’s small town happenings and city amenities. Be it fishing, hiking, or boating…golfing, skiing, or wine-tasting…grocery stores and dining….or rock climbing and hot air ballooning‚ & whatever you might fancy, ABC acres is within its reach.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Farm Stay Manager with any questions you might have, where/what you can explore, and how to best enjoy the abundance of on- and off-farm activities available. Beyond a place to simply rest your head, ABC acres is here to enhance your visit and help create memories for a lifetime.

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*Recognized as a top 6 Farm Stay destination by the Travel Channel 2017.
*Honored to be a part of The 2017 Great American Farm Tour, hosted by Justin Rhodes (Abundant Permaculture).

Complementary On-Farm Activities**:
-Self-guided tours and access to extensive Permaculture earthworks and ongoing projects (detailed map provided, and informational kiosks throughout the property.)
-Abundant walking paths, rest areas, and scenic vistas.
-Bitterroot River access.
-Livestock and wildlife viewing/photography.
-Randomly scheduled ‚ÄòMovie Nights’, and ‚ÄòFridays at Five’ socials.
-Crater Garden recreation & picnic area.
-Family Fun Playground.

Additional (for purchase) Activities, Products, and Services**:
-Fresh Eggs, Pasture-raised Beef, Pork, and Poultry Sales.
-A variety of other farm-fresh goods (jams, jellies, honey, preserves, etc.)
-Farm Tours – customizable excursion by foot w/ Farm Manager and/or Owner, visiting multiple project sites and discussing Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture practices, including behind the scenes interaction with livestock and food production systems.
-Livestock Duties – join the Farm Manager and/or Owner as you tag along for the morning or afternoon livestock chores. Feed the goats, pigs, chickens and turkeys, collect eggs, refill waterers, spot clean paddocks as needed, and insure the animals are in a comfortable and healthy environment.
-Workalongs – join the Farm Manager and/or Owner for a variety of activities, tasks, and/or discussions, which could include the above livestock duties, harvesting/planting, landscape/project maintenance, etc.
-Child & Adult Farm School Programs – access to ongoing activities being offered at ABC acres’ Educational Building, home to seasonal festivals, workshops, classes, and Riverstone School (
-Fly Fishing Guide Services.
-ATV and Snowmobile Services.
-Scenic Rafting and Boat Trips.
-Guided Hikes, Mountain Biking, Rock-Climbing.
-Horseback Riding, Pack Trips, Lessons.
-Hunting Access and Hunting Guide Services.
-Snow skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing.
-Professional Photography outings and instruction.
-Child Daycare services.
-Massage services.
-Golf, wine-tasting, gun ranges, hot air ballooning, paintball, and much more.

**please note that some products and services, either ‚ÑÖ ABC acres or by 3rd party providers, are of a seasonal nature – please check with us directly for specific details and availability.


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