Duncan Farm

1050 Thorpe Road, Belgrade Montana 59714

Homestead Beef is a self-contained grass fed beef operation, based on Irish Dexter cattle. Dexter cattle are a rare, half-sized breed, used for meat, milk, and draft animals in Ireland. Their versatility, hardiness, calving ease, lean tasty meat, and half-size feed requirements are key traits for families (and potential niche marketers) and small acreages. Shares of live Dexter Steers for meat – whole, half, or quarter. Buyer reserves steers in January with payoff of estimated cost due by June 1st. Steers are delivered to Arneson’s Meat Processing – two miles down the road- in August. Arneson’s is a three generation, family-owned meat processing plant that we have been doing business with since the late 1970’s. Buyers pick up meat at Arneson’s and pay them for processing. Once the actual hanging weight is known, adjustments are made by October 1st. Price is based on $2.50/lb hanging weight (for 2013) times estimated hanging weight. Please send us your name and contact information to be added to our potential buyer list. In January, potential buyers receive a form to reserve a steer or part of a steer for 2013. Sample forms available upon request. Quantity of steers available in 2013: 12 Customer base is largely restricted to the Gallatin Valley. We do not deliver. Buyers must pick up meat from Arneson’s. Grass Fed Breeding Stock – For Sale: Registered cows, yearling heifers. Crossbed cow/calf pairs and heifers. Our herd descends from one registered Dexter cow/calf pair purchased in 1993 and 7 different registered Dexter bulls. Half the herd is crossbred with Murray Grey and Murray Grey/Angus cow and Dexter bulls throughout. Currently, only 2 individuals in the herd were not born here. All were fed on pasture and hay grown on our 76 acres of irrigated land, trace mineral salt, and water. We feed no grain, hormones, or antibiotics to speed gain. Our product: We raise cattle- from conception to consumption- on our farm. We maintain a unique, rare-breed gene pool that adds diversity to the food supply. Diversity within this gene pool allows us to match small families with the size of animal they can afford to buy and store. Processed at two years old, our steers yield a 300-400 lb carcass of “just-right” sized cuts (vs. 700 lbs for Angus). A whole steer fits nicely in a 15 cubic foot upright freezer. Our buyers know the people who raised it, processed it, and what businesses in the community their beef dollars support. Our Homestead: We built our farm from scratch on a fallow grain field. We use 28-32 acres as a hay base, putting up 100 tons a year. The remainder is divided into 2.5 acre pastures with electric fence, for intensive rotational grazing. Our farm is just south of I-90 between Belgrade and Manhattan, Montana.


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Richard and Susan Duncan

Alternative Energy Resources Organization

Mailing address: PO Box 1558, Helena MT 59624

Physical address: 32 S Ewing St #333, Helena MT 59601