Lazy S R Ranch

729 Shields River Rd, Wilsall Montana 59086

We have been practicing animal husbandry for a long time; a long enough time to think we know what we are doing and a long enough time to know that it is hard, but important, work.

The Lazy SR Ranch believes that how food is raised and just as importantly, how it tastes are, if you will, essential ingredients of eating. Whether one is dining alone, or standing up, or breaking bread with friends or business associates, food is at the heart of human interaction, culture, society, and health. So we think what we do at the Ranch is important. And we think that our commitment not only to healthy food (really, who can honestly oppose healthy food?) but to food that tastes good, represents a commitment that many in the protein food industry do not make.


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Dirk Adams


Alternative Energy Resources Organization

Mailing address: PO Box 1558, Helena MT 59624

Physical address: 32 S Ewing St #333, Helena MT 59601