LOHOF Grass-Finished BEEF

Otter Rd, Ashland Montana 59003

Our low-input grassfed and finished beef is naturally raised using local grass and hay and free-choice salt and mineral. No antibiotics, hormones, grain, animal by-products, preservatives, confinement, or irrigation is needed. Our sustainability of people, place, and animals is supported by over a century of raising beef this way. How is Lohof beef raised? Our calves are born on their own in open pastures as the spring grass is appearing. The mother cows clean their calves, and the calves get busy nursing and learning to graze. Between one and two months of age, the calves are branded, castrated, and vaccinated. They spend their summer rotating through grass pastures and have free access to salt, minerals, and water. In the fall, when the calves are approximately 6 months old, they are weaned from their mothers. We wean them on pasture across a fence from their mothers to reduce the stress of not being able to see their mothers at all. The calves receive a second set of vaccinations and are wormed at this time. Within days the calves are grazing independently, and we move them to fresh pasture. Through the winter the calves are fed any grass hay that we baled on our meadows over the summer and usually some high-protein forage such as alfalfa cubes. As soon as the spring grass appears, they are on their own again until winter hay is necessary. This cycle continues until the third summer, during which theare then over 1000 pound 2 year olds and fat enough to be slaughtered. The animals never leave the ranch. They are 100% Made in Montana, and we know exactly what they have eaten from day one. They become are what we are happy to call LOHOF Grass-Finished BEEF: All Natural. We are passionately committed to local food production with minimal outside inputs. The dry grasslands of Eastern Montana are particularly suited to grazing cattle and producing delicious beef. Come visit us!


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Christy Lohof

Community Supported Agriculture

Bulk Beef delivered starting in July through the end of the year and into early winter. Prices at: http://lohofgrassfinishedbeef.com/products/.

We also attend the Sheridan WY Farmers Market and Landon’s Greenhouse Saturday Market and can be found at Golden Rule Grocers and Good Health Market in Sheridan, WY.

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Alternative Energy Resources Organization

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