AERO Welcomes Beth Lusin to the Board

We are excited to introduce Beth Lusin and welcome her to AERO’s Board of Directors!

Beth is a fourth generation Montanan from a family rooted in agriculture and community service. She received her B.S. in Nursing from MSU and has focused on Women’s Health for 15 years. Helping women learn about and make choices to support themselves and their families, while meeting them where they are culturally and socioeconomically, gives Beth the greatest sense of accomplishment in her career. She also values the importance of holistic, preventative health. Through this journey, Beth has expanded her knowledge of plants and gardening, including greenhouses and winter gardening. Previously, she owned a small business creating organic Montana-made teas, infused olive oils, and bath products. Every step of the process brings her great enjoyment—from saving seeds, growing and preserving fruits and vegetables, and finally sharing meals using these ingredients. She works to teach the next generation these skills as well, hoping that young Montanans will choose to continue to build strong, healthy communities.

Beth resides in Billings with her husband and two daughters. They are currently working on building a completely off-grid cabin. She enjoys time in the sun, reading, and paddle boarding with her favorite sidekick, Ralph, her 4-year-old Basset Hound.

Interested in Joining AERO's Board?

Since 1974, our volunteer board has supported manifesting AERO’s mission and vision, ensuring that in our work with communities across Montana, we deliver real results, respond to changes, and always strive for lasting, positive impacts. We welcome applicants from around the state.

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