Action Alert: Save Financing for Conservation, Small Renewables

Tax credits and a loan program used by hundreds of homeowners and businesses to help finance small scale renewable energy, are under attack at the Montana Legislature.  Please take a few minutes to contact key Legislators about these two bad bills.

1) HB 424: Removes funding stream for Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program (Rep. Austin Knudsen, R-Culbertson) The Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program, operated by the Dept. of Environmental Quality, finances renewable energy projects and energy efficiency measures on homes and businesses across the state. The revolving loan program fills a unique niche ignored by the commercial lending market, and has played an important role in both creating new clean energy jobs and helping to build our state’s supply of homegrown, renewable energy. Each year new funding for the revolving loan program is secured in the form of penalties on air quality permit violations. This bill would redirect those air quality violations to the general fund and cap the growth of this loan program. Please contact House Appropriations committee members (see list below) and urge them to oppose HB 424.

2) SB 253: Eliminates efficiency and renewable energy tax credits (Sen. Bob Lake, R-Hamilton) In the last tax year, more nearly $10 million was claimed in income tax credits for energy conservation, biodiesel, and clean renewable energy systems. The tax credits were used for things like insulation, new windows, and home power systems. It is clear that these tax credits are working to incentivize investments that will pay dividends for years to come in the form of energy savings, increased property value, and Montana jobs.  This bill would strip out these popular tax credits along with credits for recycling businesses, geothermal heating systems, and historical preservation. Please contact Senate Taxation committee members (see list at bottom) and urge them to oppose SB 253.

To contact legislators:
a) Use the email addresses below; or
b) Call 406-444-4800 to leave a message for legislators; or
c) Click here to email legislators using an online form.

House Appropriations Committee (contact regarding HB 424)
Walter McNutt [email protected]
Duane Ankney [email protected]
Randy Brodehl [email protected]
Tom Burnett [email protected]
Rob Cook [email protected]
Mike Cuffe [email protected]
Champ Edmunds [email protected]
Ron Ehli [email protected]
John Esp [email protected]
Steve Gibson [email protected]
Roy Hollandsworth [email protected]
Ryan Osmundson [email protected]
Don Roberts (no email)
Jon C Sesso [email protected]
Bill McChesney [email protected]
Galen Hollenbaugh [email protected]
Robert (Bob) Mehlhoff [email protected]
Trudi Schmidt [email protected]
Tony Belcourt [email protected]
Cynthia Hiner [email protected]
Bill Beck [email protected]

Senate Taxation Committee (contact regarding SB 253)
Bruce Tutvedt [email protected]
Bob Lake [email protected]
Ron Arthun [email protected]
Gary Branae [email protected]
Ron Erickson [email protected]
Jeff Essmann [email protected]
Christine Kaufmann [email protected]
Jim Peterson [email protected]
Kendall Van Dyk [email protected]
Chas Vincent [email protected]
Art Wittich [email protected]
Kim Gillan [email protected]

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