Action Alert: Save small renewables, conservation tax credits

Have you considered using the $500 per-person state energy conservation tax credit to help pay for new windows or insulation? Have you been thinking of installing solar panels or a small wind turbine? Well, think twice.  Montana’s energy conservation and renewable energy laws are under attack at the Montana Legislature, but with your calls and emails, we have a chance to turn the tide.

Stick up for our conservation tax credits

SB 253, carried by Sen. Bob Lake (R-Hamilton), would eliminate the Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy income tax credits.  In the last tax year alone, Montanans claimed $9.5 million in tax credits for things like insulation, solar panels, or an efficient new heating system.  That’s money that was invested in our local economy and is paying back with construction jobs and energy savings.

The bill recently passed out of the Senate Taxation committee and will be voted on by the full Senate very soon. Please take action! Ask your Senator to vote NO on SB 253.

  • Leave a message for your Senator by calling 444-4800.
  • Send a note using this online form.

Turn back the attack on small renewable energy

SB 226, carried by Sen. Jason Priest (R-Red Lodge), pulls the rug out from under the vibrant small renewable energy industry and discourages crucial efforts to increase locally owned, clean energy supplies.  This bill unfairly burdens independent renewable energy producers with new charges.  Under the guise of removing a “subsidy” that doesn’t actually exist, the bill lowers the credit net metered customer generators will receive for the energy they produce.

The bill narrowly passed the full Senate and is scheduled for a hearing in the House Federal Relations, Energy & Telecommunications Committee on Monday, March 21 at 3:00pm. Please contact this committee and tell them to vote NO on SB 226.

You can find help looking up your Senator or Representative at this website. Thank you!

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