Save the Date for AERO’s 2011 Farm Tours

AERO organizes annual farm tours that spur dialogue to help farmers and ranchers network among each other, as well as to build upon their leadership capacities by recognizing their outstanding contributions to Montana’s sustainable agricultural economy. This year, in partnership with the Montana Organic Association, MSU Northern’s Bio-Energy Center, the Montana Farmers Union and the Montana Sustainable Grower’s Union, we are organizing tours that highlight three very different types of farming operations.

Big Sandy July 7th, 2011

Come and visit the Quinn organic farm, which is a family-owned and operated diversified cereal-legume crop operation located in north-central Montana. Quinn has extensive knowledge both as a researcher and a farmer, and has been experimenting with organic systems and crop rotations for over 20 years on his 3rd generation dry land farm. Learn about organic agriculture and oilseed production and processing, as well as hear presentations by specialists from MSU Northern’s Bio-Energy Center describing their program and partnership with Quinn and other area oilseed farmers. Lunch is included in this all-day tour. $10 Tour starts at 9:00am. Limited to 100 participants.

Great Falls Monday, August 15th

This tour will highlight pastured poultry on two farms. We will meet at Groundworks Farm to learn about their integrated vegetable, herb, and poultry operation, and then travel down the road to McVeda Farm for lunch and to further explore their production, processing, and marketing strategies for broilers and eggs.  $10 11:00am to 3:00pm

Moiese & Dixon Monday, September 12th

Join us in visiting Ploughshare Farm in Moiese to learn about their diversified vegetable operation, collective marketing, and beginning efforts to raise Painted Mountain corn. We will then travel to nearby Fialky Farm to enjoy a delicious lunch and learn about their biodynamic operation raising cut flowers and market vegetables, as well as their biomass-heated greenhouse. $10 11:00am to 3:00pm

Call the AERO office to learn more and register for any of the tours (406) 443-7272.

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