Education & Energy Go Hand-in-Hand at the Townsend Energy Tour

The Townsend School District is setting great examples for its students and the entire community. On July 14th, 2011 AERO showcased the school’s leadership in integrating renewable energy and energy efficiency into their school and their curriculum as well as staff efforts in securing grants and loans for financing.


The tour began with a presentation by Kathi Montgomery from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on financing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. We then learned about Wind for Schools from EnergyCorps members Andrew Valainis and Kaleena Miller and Fuels for Schools from Julie Kies from Department of Natural Resources & Conservation, two programs that the school participated in to obtain their wind turbine and biomass boiler. On the walking tour of the school, tour participants were able to see energy conservation upgrades including skylights, motion-sensor lights and bulb upgrades, as well as a recycling program initiated by the school which services the entire community. Participants were also able to get up close to see the biomass boiler system which burns wood pellets to heat the school, a 2.4 kW wind turbine that runs the football field lights, and the 27.7 kW solar array on the roof.  To learn more about each system, click the hyperlinks in the text above. To see real-time data of the solar panels click here.  Thank you to our presenters and to the Townsend School District for hosting us and for fully integrating energy into their school.


Extra! Our next Energy Tour is in Red Lodge on Thursday September 8th. The tour begins at 1:30pm, the cost is $10. The tour will feature Café Regis,  the City Wastewater Treatment Plant and a private residence before ending at Red Lodge Ales in Sam’s Taproom. To register or for more information on the Energy Tours call Sarah Lesnar, 443-7272. Or click here to register.

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