Upcoming Farm Tour in Dixon & Moiese features diversified crops and cooperative marketing

On Monday, September 12th we will visit two farms in one day in the third and final Farm Tour of AERO’s summer series. We will start the day at Ploughshare Farm, run by Cale Nittenger and Nicole Jarvis, which is a highly diversified vegetable and goat operation in Moiese. We will then travel to Fialky farm in Dixon, operated by Patty Fialcowitz, to enjoy lunch and learn about her intensive production of market vegetables, herbs, flowers, seed, berries, stone fruit, and livestock using biodynamic practices.

Both farms use crop rotation, composting, cover cropping, and other methods to improve their soil and use no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides on their crops. Tour participants will see a greenhouse heated by bio-waste, and learn how both farms use high-tunnels to extend their growing season.

This tour is organized in partnership with the Montana Sustainable Growers Union, which both farms of members of, and is a group of local farmers near Missoula that have created the HOMEGROWN label and market their food locally. The values and principles that guide these farms, their specific production techniques, as well as marketing through Community Supported Agriculture, farmers markets, and the Western Montana Growers Cooperative will all be discussed at length.

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate any more people on the tour and have reached our capacity for the day. Sorry if you were not able to make it, but please keep an eye on AERO’s website for similar events coming up in the future.

Thank you to this year’s tour sponsors which include the Montana Organics Association, the Montana Farmers Union, the Western Montana Growers Cooperative, and MSU Northern’s Bio-Energy Center.



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