Calling for New Montana FoodCorps Host Sites

Does your community want to serve more healthy, locally-grown food in schools? Create or expand school gardens? Develop and implement hands-on nutrition education programs in classrooms? Do you just need the people-power to help you get it done?

If so, apply now to host a FoodCorps member beginning in August of 2012!

About Montana’s FoodCorps
The National Center for Appropriate Technology seeks host sites for Montana’s FoodCorps, a team of AmeriCorps members serving with K-12 schools across the state to  fight the childhood obesity epidemic. Using a collaborative, community-based approach, FoodCorps members help cafeterias serve healthy, local foods, build and tend school gardens, and conduct hands-on nutrition education such as cooking classes or farm field trips.

FoodCorps members serve full-time for one year, as part of the national FoodCorps program (

Montana’s FoodCorps team will be building on the success of our previous four years of work with AmeriCorps VISTA programs hosted by Montana Campus Compact, Communities in Action, and Prevention Resources Center. Just as in the past, Montana’s FoodCorps team will continue to enjoy the support and mentorship of the statewide Grow Montana coalition ( and staff leadership from the National Center for Appropriate Technology ( See examples of past Montana FoodCorps work at

FoodCorps members early monthly living stipends, and an education award upon completion of the year.

FoodCorps members will begin work in August of 2012. These FoodCorps members will serve one year terms of service, full-time, with a second team of FoodCorps members beginning in August of 2013.

Applications are due January 17, 2012. Top applicants notified by February 24, 2012.

What can FoodCorps members do?
Specific FoodCorps member activities will be determined by the specific needs and opportunities of the community, with input and approval from NCAT and national FoodCorps staff. Sample activities include organizing and hosting local-food meal events, conducting kid-friendly taste-tests of local and healthy foods; leading local farm field trips, and establishing or growing school garden programs. FoodCorps members cannot lobby nor participate in political campaigns. FoodCorps members cannot spend more than 5% of their time fundraising.

Who can apply?
FoodCorps members must be placed in K-12 schools or non-profit organizations with close ties to area schools. The Grow Montana steering committee will select up to 6 new host sites on a competitive basis, using the following criteria:

1. Demonstrated need.
To determine need, we will look at the following:
-percentage of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch
-geographic location in rural, underserved, and/or “food desert” environment

2. Demonstrated support for food systems change within the community.
To determine community support, we will look at:
-any other food systems work in the community, such as farmers markets, community gardens, buying clubs, or food banks
-community leaders who have been involved in food systems work in the past
-willingness and interest of food service director to participate
-willingness and interest of school administrators, curriculum director, and/or school board members
-space, equipment, and/or supplies for a school or community garden

3. Ability to meet the mandatory requirements for hosting a FoodCorps
member, including:
-A site supervisor willing to meet one hour per week with the FoodCorps Member, provide ongoing guidance and support. Site supervisor must also be willing to attend a national FoodCorps training (date TBA) and read and approve FoodCorps hourly reports and other AmeriCorps evaluation documentation. (Travel to training to be paid for by national FoodCorps)
-A designated office area for the FoodCorps member, with designated computer w/internet access, phone, and desk

4. Ability to provide cash match.
-Cash match of $5,000 per member is required.
-NOTE: The National Center for Appropriate Technology has a limited amount of “match scholarships” to provide for communities who meet all other requirements. Priority for scholarships goes to communities with compelling need.

Ready to apply? Application instructions can be found at

For questions about Montana’s FoodCorps, visit, email [email protected], or phone at (406) 531-5162.

PLEASE NOTE: Selected host sites will become part of our broader FoodCorps team, full federal funding for all of which will be pending throughout spring of 2012.

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