A guide, a reminder, an inspiration

Earlier this year I was catching up over the phone with a friend I’ve known since kindergarten.  It was May – just around the time I was joining the AERO staff.

Though he and his wife had donated to AERO’s annual campaign before, he wanted to know more about the organization and why I was so excited about the opportunity to serve as the director.

Of course, I talked about the good work the organization and member community have done and continue to do with respect to distributed, renewable energy and conservation… and the visionary efforts across the state enabling, supporting, and empowering sustainable agriculture efforts and local food systems… and how critically important these issues are for Montana families and communities.

But in essence, I said, it comes down to something our longtime member, David Oien, says:

“AERO helps its members live their values in their daily lives.”

My friend liked that.

I like it, too.  I come back to David’s words on a near daily basis.  It’s the ultimate touchstone for our work – a guide, a reminder, and an inspiration.

Thank you all for your ideas and energy; for sharing your successes and failures to help others; and for your dreams of what is possible.  Such is the stuff of living our values, together.

And yes, we depend on the generous financial support of our members and friends.  It is absolutely essential.

I hope you’ll take a moment now to make a financial contribution to support AERO as we prepare to enter 2012.  Please renew, make a supplemental contribution beyond your membership, or join us for the first time.

We’re excited to work with you in the coming year.

Thank you,
Bryan von Lossberg







Warm holiday wishes from the AERO Staff
– Kevin, Bryan, Sarah, and Caroline

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