Repower MT Launches: Submit A Project Today!

AERO is proud to announce Repower MT, a campaign to highlight conservation and renewable energy success stories from across Montana. This campaign will empower every citizen with the facts, strategies, resources, and personal testimonials needed to undertake their own energy project.

What is it?

Repower MT is a new website that tells the stories of homeowners, businesses, and organizations across the state that have reduced energy use or installed renewable energy. The site is built on a crowd-sourced platform that creates a page for each project. Anyone can submit a project, no matter how large or small. Site visitors can upload photos and videos as well as write their energy success story to share it with others.

How does it work?

Projects are tracked on a map as well as a ticker that tallies kilowatt hours saved by the conservation and renewable energy projects each year. Site visitors can search for projects based on the technology they are interested in, for example: solar, wind, hydropower, etc; or they can search by the building type, for example: business, home, farm, or public. Projects are displayed on a map which gives a spatial representation of projects throughout the state.


The goal of the website is to demonstrate the power that many small actions have when taken together and to learn from each others’ successes and challenges. For example, you can learn how Dale Brackman, an independent auto mechanic, was able to install solar panels on his shop so he no longer pays an electric bill. Or see pictures from Lane Coulston’s energy efficiency renovation and learn which products he used

If you have a project, submit your story today!

Help spread the word! Add the link to your website today!


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