AERO Energy Solutions Workshop in Missoula a Great Success!

Across Montana, communities are taking action to meet the huge challenges of rising energy costs and global climate change. Homeowners, businesses, and local governments are looking to conservation and renewable energy to not only cut energy costs, but to create local jobs, build our nation’s energy independence, and protect our clean air, water, and the landscapes we cherish.

This energy solutions workshop hosted on June 15th, 2012 by AERO provided the information and hands-on demonstrations needed to reduce  energy use and get started with renewable energy.

Program highlights:

  • Tour of UM FLAT
  • Renewables 101 by Diana Maneta, Executive Director, Montana Renewable Energy Association
  • Financing Energy Projects, Kathi Montgomery, Department of Environmental Quality
  • Build Your Own Solar Cell Phone Charger
  • Energy Audit Demo: How to Save Money & Energy in Your Home, Andy Lemann  & Skander Spies, Energetechs
  • Passive Solar Principles, Andy Lemann, Energetechs
  • The Future of Climate Action Planning in Missoula: Opportunities for Engagement
    • Jill Alban,  Clark Fork Coalition
    • Chase Jones, City of Missoula Office of Planning and Grants
    • Derek Kanwischer, Transition Towns
    • Andrew Valainis, Energy Corps Member, City of Missoula Office of Planning and Grants
  • Repower MT: Sharing Your Energy Success Story

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