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Sustainable Farming and the End of Hunger

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Food. What could be more important—and more basic—than feeding ourselves and our families? With millions going hungry in the United States every year and nearly one billion going hungry around the world, we as a society—and a species—have clearly not … Continue reading

Hear Anna Lappé on MT Public Radio Tonight, 5:45

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Anna Lappé is a widely respected author and educator, known for her work as a sustainable food advocate. The co-author or author of three books and the contributing author to nine others, Anna’s work has been widely translated internationally and … Continue reading

Tri-County Green Business Program

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The Tri-County Green Business Program is a free, voluntary certification program that recognizes local businesses for their resource efficiency efforts. Businesses who participate will learn how to assess their energy and water consumption, their waste generation, and also, how to increase overall sustainability. Continue reading