Montana Shares Raffle – Tickets Due by September 7th!

“25 years ago, some farsighted people from 11 non-profits got together and decided to create Montana Community Shares. That first year they raised $9,000. Through hard work and continued optimism, campaigns have grown over the years. Last year was $324,000, with our total raised now over $4.6 million. Our thanks goes out to those pioneers in promoting personal philanthropy. Interestingly, the suggested donation for 3 raffle tickets is $25. What a GREAT anniversary gift to honor those insightful founders 25 years ago!” – Montana Shares

AERO is one of those proud founding members!

Follow the link below to print and send in your raffle tickets, the raffle will be held on September 7.

MT Shares Raffle Sheet 2013 AERO

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