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Meet Your Farmer Local Harvest Dinner in Helena

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…to benefit AERO, Helena Local, and Helena Food Share ∙ Benny’s Bistro ∙ $35 per person
Coq au vin Heritage Chicken – marinated and braised in wine & herbs with carrots, onion, celery, shallots fennel, fingerling potatoes and pearl onions
Potee Pork – roast, ham hocks, Kielbasa, onions braised with garlic and herbs, carrots, potatoes, cabbage and Farro Continue reading

Online Registration for Annual Meeting Now Open!

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Read more about the keynote speakers, see the agenda, and learn about becoming a sponsor here. You can now register for the meeting online at If you are planning to attend the Annual Meeting, please reserve your room today. For … Continue reading

The Power of Less

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If you lived in the 70s you probably remember some popularity around the term “passive solar design.” The idea caught on big in Germany, and scientists there formalized the design and construction principles into a rigorous standard that aims to reduce building energy use by 75-90% compared to the current American codes. PassiveHouse represents the practical limit as to how far it is possible to reduce energy use and represents the future of where our industry can go. Continue reading

Ag Task Force Meeting Held August 27

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On August 27th, members of AERO’s Ag Task Force convened in Power, Montana to discuss current challenges for small scale producers in Montana and opportunities for AERO to support and grow the local food movement in Montana. Participants were given … Continue reading