Host A Friend-Raiser Dinner Party for AERO!

Celebrate our history, help build our future.

Celebrate the deep roots of our successes and the seeds we’re planting for our future by gathering some friends and introducing (or re-introducing) them to AERO. What better way to celebrate our history and continue building our future than over a delicious meal? And who better to host such a party than our dedicated members who care about AERO more than anyone?

September marks the month of friend-raising for AERO. Please join us in spreading the word about our great organization and inviting your friends to our annual meeting in October where more merriment and meaningful conversation will abound. Read on for details on how you can pass the AERO spirit around.

What: Host an AERO-themed dinner party for your friends

Where: Your house, farm, or local restaurant

When: Any day during the month of September

How Does It Work?


  • Pick a date in September
  • Plan the meal and location
  • Register your friend-raiser on AERO’s website
  • Invite 8 to 15 friends
  • Once registered, we will provide you with info on AERO, membership envelopes and additional help getting you ready to go.


  • Get the conversation going around a shared question, such as:
    – What does our sustainable future look like to you?
    – What are the most pressing issues Montana communities face?
    – What innovative solutions would you propose to build more resilient communities?
  • Share a little bit about AERO (we’ll send you an info sheet)
  • Invite people to join AERO
  • Invite people to our annual meeting in Red Lodge, October 17-19, to celebrate our 40th birthday


  • Send us your diners’ contact info and any membership fees or donations you collected
  • Send us pictures and a few notes on how it went, including responses to big-picture questions.

For more info, contact AERO board member Kim Gilchrist ([email protected]).

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