Proposed 2014 Bylaws Changes: Membership Review Requested

AEROlogosmallDear AERO Members,

This year, there will be a special agenda item during our annual member business meeting in Red Lodge. In addition to updates about AERO’s activities and finances, board member elections, and other business, we will be asking the members to vote on some changes to AERO’s bylaws that the Board has developed over the past year.  Click here to download the changes (pdf).  We are asking all AERO members to please review them ahead of the annual meeting.

Following this letter is a copy of AERO’s bylaws, with the proposed changes highlighted.  All are found on page 4, in the section of AERO’s bylaws that deal with board member terms and elections.  The changes are not major operational shifts, but rather are intended to: 1) clarify when board terms start and end (something that wasn’t specified in earlier bylaws), 2) clean up old language that is no longer relevant, and 3) bring our bylaws into alignment with current state law, which has changed since they first were written.   You can find more detailed explanations of the changes in the comments included on page 4.

AERO’s board procedures committee is requesting that all members review the proposed changes ahead of the meeting, so that we can have ample time to address any concerns or questions that may arise beforehand. If you have a comment, concern, or question, please contact Stephanie Potts, board procedure committee chair, at [email protected]We would highly prefer to receive comments before October 10th.  If you do not have access to the internet to review the proposed changes, just give the AERO office a call at (406) 443-7272, and we will gladly send you a paper copy.

Thank you, everyone, for your important role in updating AERO’s bylaws!  We look forward to seeing you in Red Lodge in October!



Stephanie Laporte Potts
AERO Board of Directors, Board procedures committee chair
[email protected]

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