Food & Ag Task Force Conference Call – Jan 22, 4pm

Greetings Food & Ag Task Force and AERO Members! An Ag Task Force Conference Call is scheduled for Thursday, January 22nd at 4pm. We are excited for the opportunity to get to know some of you and your work a bit better. Below, you’ll find the call-in information and a draft agenda for the meeting.  Please note that there is a time frame allotted for hearing from you about your food and agriculture related projects – the ATF is a GREAT way to disseminate information and enlist help so be ready to speak up!

If you can’t make the call but have information you’d like to share, remember you can always use (or ask to join, if you’re not a member!) the Ag Task Force Google Group. Group Members, send your email to [email protected] and everyone in the Group will see it.

Please note that we will start the meeting PROMPTLY at 4:05pm!

Call Information: 

Date: Thursday, January 22 2015

Start Time: 4:00pm

Dial-in Number: 1-626-677-3000

Participant Access Code2595613

4:05 Meeting begins – Introductions from ATF and AERO Leadership

4:10 Member updates

4:20 Legislative Notes  – Jennifer Hill-Hart, AERO Executive Director

4:30 Abundant Montana  – Caroline and Kathryn

4:45 Local Food Networks and Community Actions Groups

              Program Overview and History

              What are we looking for in a pilot project?

              Open discussion of possible pilot projects from membership

5:00 Wrap – Up and Summary of Next Steps

5:10 Adjourn

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