Help get the turbines turning on Repower crowdfunding campaign!

Repower ShotIn honor of the July 4th weekend and American independence, AERO has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to improve and upgrade our Repower MT Program, and support ENERGY independence!

Repower Montana is an ongoing effort that features homes, businesses, farms, and other projects using alternative and renewable energy technology or natural and sustainable building methods. These projects are featured on our interactive map and Repower Directory, which users can search by region or project (such as solar, geothermal, hydro, biomass, wind, etc.), and access sustainability data and resources to help get their own projects off the ground and gain energy independence.

AERO is asking for your help today to improve Repower through upgrades to our website and marketing, to help us house more data and allow contributors to update and add to their listings. As AERO Energy Task Force Chair Jim Baerg explains, “By connecting those planning new projects with those experienced owners and practitioners, we are building a community of Montanans to transform our energy future. We are emphasizing and rewarding best practices and smart economic decisions so that the state becomes more self-sustaining.  We are keeping our energy dollars at home, employing our local craftsmen and women, and reducing the carbon load on the atmosphere. AERO is Montana’s preeminent Energy and Ag education and advocacy group.  We have a long history of creating innovative projects that result in fundamental change, influential movements, and new citizen’s organizations.  Please join us as we take charge of our energy future.”

Please read about, share, and contribute to the campaign here.

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