Call for AERO Award Nominations: Sustainable Innovators


Nominations due Wednesday, September 16!

It is that time of the when AERO wants to recognize and celebrate leaders in Sustainable Agriculture and Energy.  Here is your opportunity to nominate!

Each year since 1987, AERO has given the Northern Rockies Sustainable Agriculture Award to innovative researchers, educators, and farmers doing exceptional work in the field of sustainable agriculture. This award recognizes the differences each of these individuals has made to sustainable farm and ranch practices, research, education, marketing, and the development of community-based food systems in Montana.

Since 2007, the Sustainable Energy Award has recognized individuals who, through their work or by their example, have helped to build and promote an energy system that is rooted in energy conservation, energy efficiency, and decentralized, Montana-owned, renewable energy production. This award recognizes the tremendous role these individuals have played in the adoption of conservation practices, the spread of renewable energy production, or the implementation of sustainable energy principles in homes, businesses, farms or communities around Montana.

Award recipients will be honored on Saturday evening at the Annual Meeting and Expo, receive a framed certificate, and have their names added to a plaque, which is displayed proudly in the AERO office.

The Ad-Hoc Awards Committee is accepting nominations now in each of the following categories:

Sustainable Agriculture (new categories!)

Category 1- Implementer: Home/Farm/Business Owner

Category 2- Instigator: Promoter/Organizer/Educator

Sustainable Energy

Category 1- Implementer: Home/Farm/Business Owner

Category 2- Instigator: Promoter/Organizer/Educator

Past Sustainable Agriculture Award Winners Include:

2014 Dick Espenscheid and  Red Lodge Area Food Partnership Council

2013 Floyd & Jean Dahlman, Brent Sarchet

2012 Ole Norgaard, Jason Mandala

2011 Paul Hubbard, Jacob & Courtney Cowgill

2010 Mark Rehder – Farms for Families and MSU Sustainable Food & Bio-energy Systems

2009 Kiki Hubbard, Pam Clevenger & Kurt Wellborn

2008 Leslie Kline, Barry Flamm, Dave Christensen, Crissie McMullan

2007 Bruce Smith, Pam Gerwe, Mikel & Nancy Lund

2006 Laura Garber & Paul Madeen, Cliff Bradley & Doug Crabtree

Past Energy Award Winners:

2014 Ben Reed, Henry Dykema and  Ben Brouwer

2013 Kyla Maki, Kim Reineking

2012 Russ Doty, Kathi Montgomery

2011 Ed Gulick, Larry Gallagher

2010 Dave Ryan, Jim Baerg

2009 Sam Hoffman/Red Lodge Ales, Gloria Flora

2008 Ross Holter/Flathead Electric Co-op, Steve Loken, Pat Dopler

2007 Dr. David Healow, Chris Borton/Sage Mountain Center

We would like all nominations in by Wednesday, September 16th so the Committee can make a selection and do preparations for our Annual Meeting at the Arrowpeak Lodge on September 25, 2015.  If you nominate someone, you may be asked to be on the call for further information.

If you have a nominee, please send email Janet their name, contact information and why they deserve the award in 1-2 paragraphs.  Janet Hess-Herbert, [email protected]

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