MFU Releases Report on Climate Change and Montana Ag

The Montana Farmers Union has released their study on the impacts of climate change on Montana agriculture. The study, co-authored by Montana economist Dr Thomas Power, examines the threats to Montana’s agricultural economy posed by climate change.

Climate change is real and it’s serious, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a threat to our agricultural way of life. We can make changes to build our adaptive capacity and resilience. Supporting the Ag economy in Montana means supporting growing food and supporting the farming way of life, and it also means supporting our farmers who are practicing ecologically resilient farming, particularly in the face of climate change. AERO members have been farming that way for years—using cover cropping methods, and rotating crops and the principles and practices of sustainable agriculture by sharing their experiences and findings on the community level in order to protect natural resources and create profitable agricultural businesses.

You can read the press release, as well as the full report, here.

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