Interested in starting a market garden, small nursery business, or locating greenhouse space in Red Lodge?

red lodgeAERO friend Martha Brown, Red Lodge Area Food Partnership Council leadership team member and former AERO board member, writes of this exciting opportunity: “We are completing the purchase of a seven acre property on the north end of Red Lodge that has plentiful growing space, four 18’ x 68’ heated and ventilated greenhouses, and a large warehouse. The property has operated since 2001 as a nursery and retail outlet for landscape, decorative plants, and vegetable starts.

Our long term goal for this property is the creation of a non-profit farm incubator where those interested in production can lease space while learning the skills and techniques of farming through training, mentoring and technical assistance with farm business planning, marketing strategies, and production practices. Incubator farms provide a low-risk environment to give new farmers the opportunity to learn and establish a market before investing in their own land and equipment.

While a farm incubator is our main focus for this property, we will embrace other options to make this a viable, diversified endeavor, including a small nursery business and other forms of agricultural and horticultural projects. Above all, we want this space to be teeming with beautiful, ultra-fresh food, people who appreciate and want to learn more about local food and for our community to consider this enterprise to be a positive addition to Red Lodge and the surrounding area.

Help us spread the word about this opportunity for beginning farmers and producers by sharing this info widely! We also welcome input from those who have worked with incubator models and can help us develop project plans and best practices.

Please contact Martha Brown at 406-445- 7214 or [email protected] for more information and leasing options.”

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