Abundant Montana Directory’s Brand Spankin’ New Logo!

Aero AM RGBWe have some fun news to share! AERO was been working with Lee Huber of CINCH Design & Communications in Helena to put together a logo for the Abundant Montana Directory in order to help us better market Montana’s farms and products, and increase visibility and recognition for the state’s premiere directory of sustainable agriculture and local food.

AND HERE IT IS. We love it, and we love CINCH Design & Communications. Lee is also the designer here in Helena who contributes to the Excellence in Nonprofit Communications Grant, which AERO received in 2016, to help local nonprofits amp up their marketing and communications game. It was great fun working with Lee on this logo again after the grant, especially since he already knew so much about AERO’s history and mission, and created this design with all that in mind. Thank you, Lee!

As we continue to market the Abundant Montana Directory, you can expect to see more of this logo, up on the website soon, on advertisements, and billboards near you.

Don’t forget to visit www.AbundantMontana.Org to explore Montana’s sustainable agriculture, and to submit or  your listings!update

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