Wild Dinner

Back by popular demand is Wild Dinner!  This year, we’ll be bringing the these events to Missoula, Billings, Bozeman, and Helena (registration info below).

Wild Dinner’s goal is to bring together Montanans of differing backgrounds and ideologies who might not otherwise share a meal or discussion. The event recognizes that hunters, farmers, ranchers, growers, and others who have a close connection to the land share the common aim of protecting and preserving the resources, beauty, and stability of our natural and cultivated landscape, be it healthy wildlife or healthy soils or healthy living. This event serves as a bridge between those united in a desire to see increased self-sufficiency, resilience, stewardship, and responsible, local, healthy food consumption in Montana. The gathering, and the remarkable food provided by hunters and growers alike, provokes valuable discussion and connection, nurturing ties not only to Montana’s landscape and its bounties but to one another and our shared values.

By working with our hunting / angling and conservation partners to host 4 Dinners across the state, we hope to positively interact with 300 people or more, providing a space to enjoy good food and diverse conversation, and forge new partnerships and alliances in support of healthy living and enriched Montana lifestyles. This collaborative effort between diverse organizations helps connect Montanans around a shared commitment to food, land, and stewardship, and bridges gaps in communication and understanding.


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