AERO’s Energy Blueprint

Changing local, state, and federal policy is often a critical step in bringing about the transitions we need in our agriculture and energy systems. AERO works with our partners in the Conservation Working Group (CWG), as well as other organizations, as an effective advocate for solutions-based legislation and administrative changes.

Repowering Montana: A Blueprint for Homegrown Energy Self-Reliance

How all of Montana’s power needs can be met using conservation and clean, renewable energy while creating jobs, saving money, and revitalizing rural and urban communities.

You can access AERO’s Energy Blueprint here. The following are pdf files. You are welcome to print and distribute the entire document or any chapters you have a particular interest in.

For printed copies of the entire document, please contact AERO at (406) 443-7272.

Cover, Contributors, and Executive Summary (3rd Ed.)

Chapter 1- Call to Action (3rd Ed.)

Chapter 2- Starting at Home: Conservation and Efficiency (3rd Ed.)

Chapter 3- Homegrown Fuels (3rd Ed.)

Chapter 4- Homespun Electricity (3rd Ed.)

Chapter 5- Down Home Economics (3rd Ed.)

Chapter 6- Recommendations (3rd Ed.)

Chapter 7- Energy for the Long Haul (3rd Ed.)

Complete document (1st Ed.)