• Barney Creek Livestock

    Contact Name: Barney Creek Livestock
    Phone: 406-570-1116

    Barney Creek Livestock are raised and finished on Paradise Valley grass. We use regenerative agricultural practices by working with nature to address our resource concerns. Our holistic grazing plan has made positive impacts on our cows, land, and environment.

  • Cowgirl Meat Co

    Cowgirl Meat Co is a family operation that produces pork and beef in Livingston, MT. We raise all natural pork and source our beef from the Mission Ranch that we live on and manage. We offer grain finished and grass finished beef by the cut, eighth, quarter, half or whole. Pork is offered by the Read more [...]

  • Uncle Kevin’s Lamb

    Uncle Kevin’s Lamb shepherds our lamb in the Shield’s Valley and around the Livingston, MT area. We use many organic practices but are not yet certified organic. We are however, certified through American Grassfed Association and Western Sustainability Exchange. Our lambs are grass fed, grass finished, never fed grain nor treated with any antibiotics or Read more [...]