Montana Food Mapping Project

AERO has partnered with the Montana Department of Agriculture on a food system mapping project. We have created an interactive database and maps that show market information relating to local food, such as your area’s local food producers, processors, retailers and other food distributors and outlets. These interactive maps can help us understand and prioritize the gaps in our regional and statewide food value chains, and to identify the opportunities for filling those gaps. Take a minute to check out the maps and think about the how to connect the food system pieces in your area.

1: Click HERE for instructions on navigating the maps. (It may be helpful to print or save these instructions on your computer, as the following link will take you directly to the mapping program).

2: Click HERE to open the mapping program on your computer.

Note: After opening the mapping program on your computer, refer back to the instructions where you will start at Step 3.

We need your help adding more businesses to the maps. By taking the time to identify the food businesses in your region that are missing from the maps, you will be helping to increase the visibility of the farms, processors, retailers, and food services that are buying and selling Montana food in your region. There are two ways you can help get those businesses on the map:

1: Take a few minutes to sort through our existing lists of food businesses in your area and assign database codes that indicate the type of business they are, and if they are or are not buying and selling Montana food products. Email HERE if you are interested, and we will contact you with instructions.

2: If you don’t want to spend the time coding, but know of businesses that are buying or selling local food, and you don’t see them on the map, please take a minute to fill out THIS FORM so we can get their information and add them to the database and maps. (We will then contact these businesses to obtain their permission to be added to the maps.)

Remember, these customizable maps are designed to help you identify the entities involved in your local food system, and think about what it will take to further grow this type of food system. If you have any feedback about the maps, please do not hesitate to email [email protected].



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