Energy Resources

AERO is excited about the growing interest in alternative energy generation around the state of Montana, and we hope you are too! Several helpful links and calculators are provided here to help you determine what type of project is best for your situation, and what you can expect from a renewable energy system.

Renewable Energy Links

Alternative Energy Project Toolbox

  • Solar-Estimator is a great tool to learn about the financial and energy benefits of renewable energy for your home or business. You can examine the results for solar hot air, solar hot water, photovoltaics, or wind systems in regards to your location and utility consumption and expenses.


  • PVWatts calculates the expected PV production of your exact location to determine your system requirements.
  • System Calculator provides an in-depth calculation of energy usage, time of usage, and location to determine the system size requirements to suite your needs.
  • Solar-Estimator provides a quick estimate of cost and pay-back time based on your monthly utility bills and your location.

Solar Hot Air

  • Energy4You gives a brief explanation of solar hot air and specifications for a few highlighted systems.

Solar Hot Water

  • Free Hot Water provides a simple solar hot water calculator to determine your system specifications and expected savings.


  • Energy Efficient Choices will determine the financial and energy incentives of a wind turbine system sized to meet your energy consumption and location.


  • Green Heat Initiative provides a user-friendly calculator to estimate how a biomass heating system may be beneficial for your home.

Energy Conservation

  • Home Energy Saver provides potential house upgrades to save you money. This calculator requires detailed information about your home to quantify potential savings and identify necessary upgrades for home energy efficiency.
  • Efficient WIndows compares energy efficiency of windows by brand and type through an easy-to-use spreadsheet.

Energy Monitoring Systems

  • TED provides high-quality monitoring systems for real-time feedback of energy production and consumption for your facilities.
  • PlotWatt is an online monitoring dashboard that displays real-time data for both your generated energy and your facility energy consumption. This is a great tool for businesses and homes even if you don’t have a generating energy system. PlotWatt recognizes different appliances and provides an in-depth analysis of your consumption along with ways to reduce your consumption.

Publications & Reports

Grants, Loans & Rebates

  • Find a comprehensive listing of state and federal financial incentives at: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency
  • Montana Conservation and Renewable Energy Incentives: This is a thorough list of all the loans, grants and tax incentives available for conservation and renewable energy projects in Montana.  Incentives cover businesses, farms and residences.
  • Montana Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program: Contact: Kathi Montgomery, Montana DEQ (406) 841-5243 The alternative energy revolving loan program offers low-interest loans for up to $40,000 with repayment up to ten years. The loans are for the purpose of installing alternative energy systems, energy conservation measures may also be financed along with the alternative energy project.
  • USDA Rural Development Loans and Grants: USDA offers both loans and grants to help finance wind, solar, and other renewable energy improvements for rural homes and businesses.
  • Northwestern Energy E+ Programs: Northwestern Energy provides a variety of services to its residential and business electric and gas customers including grants for renewable energy systems, rebates for insulation, programmable thermostats or lighting fixture upgrades, and home energy audits.

Renewable Energy Tools

Energy Considerations for First Time Home Buyers