Claim an Existing Listing or Submit a New Listing

* Click here to view a PDF with detailed instructions

Step 1: Before submitting a new listing, search for your listing using the search bar below.

Use the search tool below to see if you have an Abundant Montana listing.  First, select which type of listing you have (Farm & Ranch, Organization, etc) and then search for your listing by either typing in your business name OR the town you are near.

If you’re already in our database, you can submit a request to claim it.  Once verified, you’ll be able to manage and edit the information displayed on your listing’s profile.

Step 2: Found your listing?

  • • In the upper right corner of your listing, click on Claim Listing.
  • • Set up your Account:  You will need to provide your email address, name, and create a password .
  • • A pop-up will appear that will initiate AERO staff approving you as the owner of a listing.
  • • You will see “Request Pending.” AERO staff will be checking these requests daily and confirming you are the owner.
  • [email protected] will send an email once staff has approved your claim. The email will include a link back to the search page so you can edit your listing.

Submitting a new listing to our database?

Select the type of listing you would like to add from the options below: