Cottage Food: Opportunities and lessons learned from 5 years of cottage food operation in Montana

AERO is working with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services- Food & Consumer Safety Section on a project to improve cottage food law understanding for producers and registered sanitarians across the state, and to assemble a working group to draft changes to the administrative rule for the cottage food exemption.

Current cottage food operators, curious local food producers, sanitarians- registered and in training, join us Tuesday, January 26 9am-2:30pm for a cottage food training. Network with sanitarians and other producers, learn from experts in the field and share your thoughts and concerns about cottage food in Montana.

Virtual Toolkit

Develop skills and gain knowledge that will set up your cottage food business for success. Continue to access cottage food resources after the workshop with our virtual toolkit. Recordings of workshop modules will be posted, along with any handouts.

Checklist for Cottage Food Labeling Requirements

Home Kitchen Food Safety for Cottage Food Operators

Link to Cottage Food Statute (Law)
Cottage Food Application
FAQs on Cottage Food & Honey

All foods sold under the Texas Cottage Food Law must not require time or temperature control for safety (TCS), therefore the recipes sold here would qualify in Montana.

Cottage Food Frequently Asked Questions

List of Allowable/Approved Cottage Foods

COVID-19 Resources for Cottage Food Operators

COVID-19 resources for our farm, food systems, and business clients

Farm Commons Podcasts and Print materials to make legally resilient farm and food business decisions during COVID-19

Safe Face-to-Face Options:

Adding Pick-up and Order Options at Farmers Markets

Checklist for Adding Home Delivery of Farm Goods Without Adding Legal Risk

Diversifying Farm Sales in Response to COVID-19

Safe home kitchens, sampling, and sales to cottage food customers during COVID-19

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