Robin Kelson, Interim Executive Director

Robin owns the Good Seed Company, an heirloom seed company based in Whitefish, MT.  The company is dedicated to re-establishing the community practice of selecting, saving and sharing seeds for common use because access to quality seeds is central to our resiliency as a species and a community. A food grower, biochemist and attorney by training, and a life-long student of metaphysics and the natural world, Robin has a deep curiosity about human vitality and exploring what constitutes resiliency. Through her organization the Resiliency Intelligence Alliance, she teaches, presents, and coaches on resiliency thinking, supporting individuals and organizations in strategic planning and community visioning with a resiliency mindset. Email Robin at [email protected].

Lindsay Ganong, Grant Programs Manager

Lindsay grew up riding the tractor and helping grandpa feed steers in West-Central Wisconsin. She studied nutrition in college and worked for an on-campus community supported agriculture (CSA) where she fell in love with growing food for students and her rural Minnesota community. In 2012, Lindsay moved to Montana and traveled the state to complete her training as a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). Montana’s beauty captivated her. She earned a Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems at MSU-Bozeman. Lindsay is passionate about teaching dietetic students to leverage food and nutrition expertise to build place-based food systems in support of food sovereignty to improve health for all people and the land. Lindsay has served as a leader for school food service and a nutrition education program for limited resource Montanans. She loves eating, cooking and preserving regional and wild foods,  and hiking, skiing, and mountain biking with her pooch, Fawn. Email Lindsay at [email protected]

Board of Directors

Mark Juedeman, Helena


Mark grew up on a dryland grain farm in northcentral Montana, and a ranch between Great Falls and Helena.  He moved to Houston to work for an energy company in 1980 after graduating with a degree in Earth Science from Montana State. In 1991 he and his family moved to New Orleans, where Mark was active in historic preservation, bicycle advocacy, education, the environmental non-profit The Green Project, and obtaining personal experience with renewable energy technologies such as small wind and PV.  Katrina displaced Mark and his family back to Houston, where he was involved with local food, urban sustainability, and permaculture, and where he founded Transition Houston, the 40th official Transition Initiative in the US.  Now that he is back in Montana he can help on the family ranch, while staying involved with Transition US and local sustainability initiatives. Mark looks forward working with AERO to support local regenerative agriculture, promote renewable energy, and help to build community resilience.

Madison Boone, Bozeman


Madison Boone is the Program and Communications Manager for the Montana Institute on Ecosystems (IoE) at MSU in Bozeman. Originally from Oklahoma, Madison developed a passion for sustainable agriculture and local food systems after working on an organic vegetable farm in Arkansas and the Heifer International-owned Heifer Farm in Massachusetts, where she helped holistically manage their livestock. Madison came to Montana through the Big Sky Watershed Corps (BSWC) Program in 2016, through which she served in Bozeman with the non-profit One Montana and MSU-Extension Service in Gallatin County on projects related to agriculture, water, and climate change. She began working for the IoE in late 2017 in her current role and continues to help with research projects related to climate and agriculture while also working to bring together interdisciplinary groups to address environmental and natural resources challenges in Montana. She is excited to serve on the AERO Board to help build support for the organization and its programs and ultimately work towards a more resilient, sustainable vision of agriculture in the state.

Andrew Crowe, Bozeman

I attended MSU, completing my degree in Cell Biology and Neuroscience. I have a diverse occupational background, recently I resigned from the medical field to gain a deeper understanding in the relationship between production and consumption in the food industry.  My generalist perspective uprooted my ability to accept the social norms in medicine, agriculture, energy, and community. My intentions have been directed towards circumventing conventional practices to allow for more resilient, regenerative solutions to be realized, with insight from biomimicry, social neuroscience, personal experience and curiosity. I enjoy making, learning, conversations of substance, gardening, designing and fly fishing.

Erin Carroll, Bozeman


Erin Carroll is currently attending Montana State University in Bozeman, studying Plant Biology.  She became interested in agriculture after learning about the effects of industrial agriculture on human health, and its impact on the natural environment. Her interests are in developing locally adapted crops, expanding genetic diversity and getting more people involved in growing their food. She is excited to support and build upon AERO’s work and looks forward to seeing more local, sustainable, and resilient food and energy systems in Montana.

Alternative Energy Resources Organization

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