Why We’re Here

We believe taking action on solutions that build sustainable community food systems is the best future for humans and creates the Montana we all want to live in

Who We Are

We welcome and promote Montanans’ solutions to build a livable future

Our Mission

Through community-engagement, network weaving, skill-building education and advocacy in the sustainable ag/renewable energy/resilient food system sphere, and by creating spaces in which future food system leaders and inspired community models flourish, AERO promotes communities building a more livable and sustainable Montana for all

Our Vision

Montana powered with clean, renewable energy, empowered by a collaborative network of resilient communities, and where all Montanans are nourished by locally produced, sustainably grown healthy food

AERO's Program Focus

  • FOOD SYSTEMS PROGRAMMING:  AERO takes action on solutions that build sustainable community food systems to co-create the best future for Montanans and the world we all want to live in
  • NETWORK WEAVING & EDUCATION: Key to AERO’s success in developing community leaders and inspiring community models for inclusive resilient food systems is bringing people together to learn from one another through gatherings designed to promote knowledge-building, connection, resource-sharing, problem-solving and finding common ground
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: AERO serves as a statewide information resource hub on sustainability topics, including policy and legislative matters, with particular focus on resilient community food systems that incorporate agroecological and renewable energy practices and provide healthy, sustainably grown food for all



2020 Food Systems Programs

  • MT Food Economy Initiative
  • Cottage Foods
  • Racial Equity in the Food System
  • MT Food Providers Project
  • Jane Kile Scholarship

2020 Network Weaving & Education Programs

  • Expo

2020 Community Engagement Programs

  • Abundant MT Directory
  • Grow MT
  • Food Systems Story Project
  • Oral History Project

Alternative Energy Resources Organization

Mailing address: PO Box 1558, Helena MT 59624

Physical address: 32 S Ewing St #333, Helena MT 59601