Why We’re Here

We believe taking action on solutions that build a more sustainable Montana for all is the best future for humans and creates the Montana in which we all want to live

Who We Are

Founded by imaginative pragmatists, AERO is a community of social entrepreneurs dedicated to building the world in which we want to live. We have a producer-centric focus, helping communities build place-based, values-driven community food systems/webs with climate-healthy solutions. We believe in partnerships and networks, and know that community is the future of sustainability.

Our Mission

We are building a more sustainable Montana for all through education, promotion, and weaving networks, working at the intersection of renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and community food systems.

Grassroots and statewide, AERO cultivates sustainability by engaging community stakeholders and weaving networks that build lasting partnerships in the climate healthy, sustainable agriculture and local food system sphere, creating spaces where leaders and inspired community models flourish

Our Vision

Montana powered with clean, renewable energy, empowered by a collaborative network of resilient communities, and where all Montanans are nourished by locally produced, sustainably grown healthy food

AERO's Program Focus

  1. FOOD SYSTEMS -Our programming here focuses on building resilient community food economies and food webs through a portfolio of programs designed to support farmers and ranchers maximizing on-farm resiliency, diversity and success; connect communities to local food solutions; promote climate smart practices throughout the food cycle, and unpack the racial inequities embedded in our Montana food system.
  2. NETWORK WEAVING – Convening people is one of our super powers.  Over our 47+ year history we have hosted, sponsored, co-sponsored and partnered on hundreds, probably thousands of events held in communities around the state.  Our current star events are: the AERO annual meeting/Expo and Wild Dinners. Our annual Expos, held since the start, gather folks from around the state for 2.5 days so they can share resources, skills and ideas. Wild Dinners, hosted throughout the year in community venues, brings together hunters, farmers, fisherfolk and food lovers for an evening potluck where everyone shares their harvest and their stories, finding common ground in a shared love of, and commitment to steward, the land and natural resources where they live.
  3. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – Here’s where we do food policy work through the Grow Montana coalition, support the collaborative initiative developing the Montana Food Matters, Montana’s online, searchable food story library, and house our flagship program, Abundant Montana, a food and farm directory and marketing/media hub for promoting local food and farming entrepreneurs and enterprises.  Abundant Montana is Montana’s local food megaphone.



2022 Network Weaving Programs

  • 2022 Annual Meeting/Expo: Arrow Peak Camp, Great Falls Sept 30-Oct 2
  • Wild Dinners – scheduled for fall 2022

2022 Community Engagement Programs

Alternative Energy Resources Organization

Mailing address: PO Box 1558, Helena MT 59624-1558

Physical address: 32 S Ewing St #314, Helena MT 59601