Announcing Our Expo 2024 Theme!

Dear AERO  friends and allies – 

At the 2022 MOA conference, keynote speaker Nikos Kavanya introduced me to the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act of 2015.  

It turns out that Wales is the first country in the world to pass legislation requiring public bodies at all levels of government to improve the country’s economic, social, environmental, and cultural well-being. The Act requires published objectives and action across seven goals: prosperity (including being responsive to climate change), resiliency, health, equality, cohesive communities, vibrant culture and heritage, and global responsibility.  

Jane Davidson, the Act’s architect, wrote her book  #futuregen describing how the Act got written and passed, as a primer for others across the globe who want to make change where they live.

 Here at AERO, we understand that the well-being of future generations is at the heart of AERO’s mission: promoting a more sustainable Montana for all.  So, we thought: what better opportunity than AERO’s 50th Anniversary (aka Expo 2024, happening this October in Billings, AERO’s birthplace) to create space for co-designing together a blueprint for the well-being of Montana’s future generations?  

Announcing our 50th Anniversary/2024 Expo theme: #futuregenMT: designing the path for the well-being of Montana’s future generations.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

We got this, on so many levels – including legacy members with 30+ years experience building lasting foundational impact through grassroots, solutions-based education, and a whole network of imaginative pragmatists/sustainability social entrepreneurs around the state committed to stewardship and collaboration.

The agenda is very much in draft stage (that’s where you come in!).  One thing we know for sure is that the session/track structure will include providing participants with tools and resources that support them in taking action in their spheres of influence when they return to their communities.

Here are some topic ideas:

  • Responding to the Changing Climate 
  • Our Montana constitution
  • MT youth-led initiatives: on climate, food, energy
  • Strategies for farming in a hotter, drier climate
  • Lessons from 50 years of solution-based education and networking
  • Getting more Montana food on ALL Montana plates (33%, in fact, by 2033)

Workshop ideas:

  • Storytelling that builds ambassadorship and connection –
  • Effective legislative testimony and action  –  tools for you and me  – Grow MT and MT Farmers Union


We need your input and participation! Please fill out this form with your speaker and topic ideas, and to join our Expo 2024 Agenda Planning Team!  You can also send an email to or leave a message at 406-443-7272.  Deadline to submit:  Feb 29, 2024.

Thanks for helping us create a GREAT  50th Anniversary!

Alternative Energy Resources Organization

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Physical address: 32 S Ewing St #314, Helena MT 59601