2021 Racial Equity in the Food System Challenge: Working as a Team

We recognize the power of conversation and the importance of learning together. 

Here are some resources on how to work together with a team of friends or co-workers to complete the 2021 Racial Equity Challenge.

In the words of Food Solutions New England:

Building Racial Equity is Best Done with Others!

The work of bringing more racial equity, justice and liberation to our food system requires not only independent study and evolution (though that is important!). Many of us have come to realize that the power of connecting with our friends, co-workers and peers helps us better understand the complex terrain of race, racism, white supremacist culture and the ways those intersect with our work transforming the food system. Together we can learn and act in ways that are simply not possible for isolated individuals.

If you are ready to team up with others at your workplace, school, community group or other organization, here are some  tools and resources to help you out.

  • Set aside a regular, scheduled block of time to gather and share. Discussion times of 45-75 minutes, held bi-weekly or monthly, work well.  Commit to attending, even if you haven’t reviewed the prompts. You will be surprised how the group conversation can inform and inspire your learning when you do go back to the prompts. 
  • In conversation, remember to listen deeply. Breathe and practice compassion for yourself and others. Do not expect closure. Be patient. Explore why you hear or see a term or situation differently. Speak your truth. Be willing to be vulnerable. Then listen again, deeply.
  • To help create safe spaces for discussion and learning, Food Solutions New England has created a Discussion Guide and Tools for Groups. These are professional, well designed and thoughtful tools.

AERO will be relying on these tools for internal meetings throughout this 21-Week Learning Journey.  

At the end of 21 weeks, on November 21st, we will send a follow up note, which we hope will support you in your next steps.

To learn more about the 21-Week Racial Equity in the Food System Challenge, or to register, click here.

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