Agritourism Manual

AERO Photo at the Manual Ranch from “Touring the Underground.”


Welcome to AERO’s Developing Montana’s Agritourism: A Resource Manual, developed by AERO staff with the support of the USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program, and the Agritourism Working Group of the Montana Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, MSU Extension, Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Food and Ag Development Center Network, and the Montana Farmers Union. This manual is a resource for farmers, ranchers and producers specific to the state of Montana, geared towards helping you gain a deeper understanding of agritourism and how it can impact the connections between your community and farm.  These resources can serve as a jumping off point to help you support or launch agritourism in your area and enhance the agritourism activities you already offer.

These resources are designed to help farmers and ranchers decide whether or not they want to pursue agritourism as an additional product offering within their current operation. We aim to connect farmers and ranchers with basic information on how to start their own agritourism business through the process of building a business plan, listing important contacts and resources, and inspiring them by sharing existing agritourism successes around the state.

[Important note: Agritourism is young in the state of Montana; practices, policy, definitions, and legal guidelines are in their early stages, and will develop and change as the state explores this unique form of tourism. If you have questions, concerns, comments, success stories or examples, etc., related to the content of this manual, please contact us at [email protected]. Please also check back periodically for updates as this opportunity develops in our state!]


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