Principles of Biological Systems

A Pre-Expo Event with Keynote Dan Kittredge

September 29-30th at the Arrowpeak Lodge

Dan Kittredge, organic farmer and founder of the Bionutrient Food Association, is committed to increasing quality in the food supply by educating, organizing, and empowering producers, consumers and food purveyors to make decisions based on nutritional value.

Dan’s signature course, “Principles of Biological Systems,” is designed for all participants in the food system community—experienced farmers, ranchers and gardeners, as well as nutritionists, students, researchers, chefs, and advocates—to learn current research and proven methods for producing healthier, better tasting food crops.

The course goes step-by-step through biological agriculture processes that lead to optimum crop health and sustained yield, and covers the following topics:

  • The importance of seed quality and how to improve it
  • The critical role of the microbial community (ie. the bottom of the food chain)
  • Plant “early childhood development” and life cycle patterns
  • How and why we don’t need pesticides to manage pests
  • Soil testing and mineral balancing
  • The value of seed inoculation and how to do it
  • Conductivity and Brix for in-season monitoring and management

My goal is that, by the end, you see everything as being part of a biological system and use that to inform your choices….When you learn to see what’s going on through the perspective of the microbes, then you can make intelligent management decisions accordingly. —Dan Kittredge

Course cost: $125 (includes meals – catered by NOURISH – Great Fall’s own Community and Teaching Kitchen  –  and overnight lodging at Arrowpeak Lodge)

Thursday, September 29th: 10:30am-5:30pm (lunch and dinner provided)

Friday, September 30th: 8:00am-12:00pm* (breakfast and lunch provided)

*allows time for joining Friday afternoon tour of North Frontier Farms in Highwood.

The Lodge will be open starting Wednesday, Sept. 28th at 3pm. You are welcome to arrive Wednesday, but please do bring your own meals for Wednesday dinner (outdoor grill available) and Thursday breakfast.

We hope you can join us for this exciting learning opportunity in the days leading up to Expo, also at the Arrowpeak Lodge.

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