Public Service Commission Comment Webinar

December 4, 2019

Live meeting Helena, MT. Remote webinar.

It’s time for a Ratepayer Rebellion at the PSC! Why? Because NorthWestern Energy, a regulated monopoly utility, is not acting in the public interest.

In NorthWestern Energy’s 20-year Resource Procurement Plan, the company wants customers to foot the bill for more fracked gas plants (to the tune of 800 megawatts) without any significant renewable energy or energy efficiency build-out. Moreover, the company makes no mention of a Colstrip decommissioning and cleanup plan.

This 20-year plan is being deliberated at the Montana Public Service Commission with an in-person public comment session on December 9. Make your voice heard today by submitting a comment or joining us on December 9th for the Ratepayer Rebellion at the PSC.

Our message is clear: the PSC must reject this 20-year plan that looks backward instead of forward!

From 6:30-7:45 PM, December 3, 2019 join the public training presented in partnership between AERO, NPRC, MEIC to prepare YOU to give public comment to the Public Service Commission by email and in-person.

The training will describe the NW Energy 20-year plan, describe the role of the Public Service Commission, provide tips and practice time to prepare a comment, and share details for you to join AERO, Northern Plains Resource Council (NPRC), and Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC) for “Ratepayer Rebellion” on Monday, December 9 to give public comment to the PSC in Helena.

Meeting Handouts

Official AERO Statement to PSC Docket 2019.08.052


MEIC 2019 PSC Comment on NWE Procurement Plan


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