Helena’s Glory Farm Seeks New Farmers For Its Next Vision

January 13, 2021

BIll and Gay Eyman’s Glory Farm, located 8 miles from Helena in the North/East Valley, is well-known to the Helena community. The Eymans have been working the farm for 12 years in many capacities, including offering CSA’s with Helena’s North Valley Cooperative CSA. Gay’s list of the farm’s functions over the years includes “ farmer’s market, flower shares, seedling sales, development of soil health, raising sheep, goats, chickens, being a place for folks to be out of town and for children to be with animals and dirt. It has provided a personal refuge for me.” 

Grateful for all the gifts the farm has given them over the years, the Eymans now are looking for new farmers to take the farm on and carry on its potential and vision. Says Gay:

“Bill and I have entered the season where the farm is too much for us to work at the same level we have for these past years. Knowing the farm’s potential gives me hope for this year to bring new vision and energy to it. We wish to stay on the farm but are open to sharing what we have with others who desire to farm and learn the possibilities it offers with financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits.

The farm is a little under 15 acres with approximately 10 of that planted in alfalfa mix hay. We have a 22ft x 48ft greenhouse where in the past I have planted salad greens without heat in raised boxes and later started seedlings for mostly annual flowers and vegetables. Our irrigation for the garden is a system we use drip line and soaker hoses incorporating straw mulch to repress the weeds.”

To explore the Glory Farm opportunity, please contact Gay Eyman at (406)422-8501 or ggeye7@yahoo.com.

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Mailing address: PO Box 1558, Helena MT 59624-1558

Physical address: 32 S Ewing St #314, Helena MT 59601