We need your Input on AERO Programming

May 8, 2020

AERO has been awarded Western Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (WSARE) funding to develop discrete “pick list” projects for community members to implement, right where they live from Summer 2020- Summer 2021, as part of the Montana Food Economy Initiative.  Our current project list, developed pre-COVID, and based on your suggestions in our conversations at EXPO, includes:

  • creating a team to get local food into a local child care or group home
  • finding a site and fundraising for a community 3- or 4-season greenhouse 
  • food chain resilience mapping.

What are the NEW emerging needs that you are experiencing as a result of coronavirus? How could AERO develop resources for a community project to meet your needs today?

Similarly, we have also been awarded funds to develop and implement Cottage Food Workshops by Western Extension Risk Management and Education (WERME) based on pre-COVID need requests. The workshops will focus on novel packaging to reduce waste for cottage food businesses. 

We are also aware that food businesses selling directly to consumers face new risks in the age of coronavirus. What resources and education do you need to safely get your Montana products on Montanan tables? What are the greatest barriers to keeping yourselves, your staff, and your customers safe? What are the challenges in communication, sanitizing, and distancing that you face in your food systems work? How can we help with these needs?

Please email your thoughts, questions, and concerns to Co-ED of Programs, Lindsay Ganong at lganong@aeromt.org. We are in the process of updating our grant outcomes, activities, and budgets to meet emergent coronavirus needs. Help us serve your greatest needs.

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