AERO EXPO & Annual Meeting 2020

Catching Up & Looking Ahead

November 30, 2020 - December 10, 2020


Welcome to Expo 2020, AERO’s first virtual annual conference.

We’ve titled the gathering “Catching Up and Looking Ahead”  because that’s what we want to offer as 2020, aka “The Year of Disruption”, comes to a close.  Our design for this year’s Expo has the following intention:  provide easy opportunities for you to (1) check in on topics that are important to you, and (2) have a chance to catch up and connect with one another.

To achieve our intention easily in a virtual setting, Expo 2020 runs 10 days: Nov 30-Dec 10.  As you’ll see in the agenda posted HERE, this allows us to spread sessions out so they don’t fill every day and they don’t overlap.


The event is FREE

There’s no registration for Expo 2020. Instead, just register for the sessions you want to attend, and you’ll get a zoom link to the event via email.


We feel extremely grateful to be able to offer this event for free, allowing it to be accessible to a wider audience.
If you are able, we welcome financial contributions of any size to help defray event costs. From $5 to sponsoring a film for $200. You can also make the donation in the name of your business and we’ll add your logo to our digital Expo event promotions.




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